Best Bar None Glasgow

Workshop details

Once you have registered for the conference you will be asked to select three workshops to attend from the list below.

Workshop 1
Empowering the night time economy to recognise and respond to child sexual exploitation
Daljeet Dagon and Sarah Conaghan, Barnardo’s

  • Understand what child sexual exploitation is
  • Identify and recognise the signs it may be happening and
  • Understand your responsibilities and know what you can do to help protect children and young people from being harmed

Workshop 2
Licensing Update: Law, Policies and Good Practice
Jim Sharp, GCC and Audrey Junner, Hill Brown Licensing

  • An update on recent developments in licensing law, exploring how new Licensing Board Policies can benefit you and explaining what you need to know to keep you legal.
  • Focus on the Glasgow 4am Pilot Scheme, the most significant changes in Policies across the country and explore premises licence operating plans. This will include tips on how to interpret them, how to vary them and what to do when issues arise, with a particular focus on noise complaints and good practice.

Workshop 3
Fire Safety Guidance for licensed venues/Raising the National Profile of BBN
SFRS Watch Manager Gary Wood, Seconded to SBRC and Adrian Mahoney, BBN Scotland Press and Media Manager

  • How you can ensure your venues fire safety and in turn business resilience is maintained.
  • How BBN Scotland plan on raising the profile of the scheme nationally to grow and expand as well as support venues who are already part of BBN.

Workshop 4
Drug Trends in the Nightime Economy
Jo McManus, Health and Social Care Partnership

  • What drugs are being used in the clubs and pubs of Glasgow at the moment?
  • How do we know and how will you know if they are being used in your establishment?
  • This session will give a brief update of some of the most popular drugs and what can be done if a drug related incident occurs.

Workshop 5
Cyber & Digital – Missed Opportunities or Risk?
Eamonn Keanne, Head of Cyber Security & Innovation, Scottish Business Resilience Centre

  • This interactive workshop will explore the cyber and digital landscape with particular focus on the recent threats and criminal activity directed towards the retail and commercial sector. From contactless to RFID to cyber, to social media to worms, virus and trojans and data analytics’, What does it all mean for me? What are our risks and how are they aligned to our business?.

Workshop 6
When too much is too much – minimising the risk
Elaina Smith, Health and Social Care Partnership and Stuart Crawford, Glasgow Street Pastors

  • Discuss the low risk guidelines for alcohol
  • Discuss the sale of alcohol and the law
  • Demonstrate how a premises can minimise the risk from the adverse impacts of intoxication

Workshop 7
Street Change Glasgow
Dana Brady, Glasgow City Council

  • Provide information on how Street Change Glasgow offers an alternative to on street donations that go fully towards assisting those most in need.
  • Focus on how licensed premises / evening economy can play a part in shaping and contributing to Street Change Glasgow.
  • Discuss the opportunities to assist in supporting our fellow citizens who are begging on the street.

To select which workshops you would like to attend click here