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Get home safe every Weekend!

Safer Streets ‘Nite Zones’ in the city centre operate each weekend in Gordon Street, Sauchiehall Street, West George Street and Albion Street. Since 2005 and more than 2 million people to date have been safely marshalled while queuing for night transportation. Additionally a further 2 ‘Nite Zones’ have been established in Shawlands, and the West End at Byres Road.

A significant amount of supporting activity by Glasgow City Council and all partners involved in the co-ordinating group has been developed, making a significant contribution to public safety including:

  • extended cctv coverage through the provision of additional fixed space cameras, mobile cctv patrols and electronic links with citrac roads’ cameras, all co-ordinated through a dedicated control room;
  • installation of public help points at night taxi ranks and bus stops;
  • lanes in Glasgow city centre undergoing gating and/or additional lighting;
  • creation of dedicated night bus stops and deployment of Bus Marshals;

The development of the Safer Streets ‘Nite Zone’ strategy has resulted in a range of benefits to existing and future visitors to the city including:

  • increased supervision of the night-time economy with reduced levels of serious violent crime and alcohol-fuelled complaints;
  • effective deployment of resources leading to speedier response, more focused prevention activity and improved community intelligence collection and sharing;
  • reduced incidents of queue jumping, antisocial behaviour, spontaneous acts of violence and litter, resulting in improved public perceptions of safety; and
  • more effective cctv camera coverage with clearer images obtained leading to improved evidence collection.

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