Best Bar None Glasgow

The Awards

Awards Standards

Each application will generate a certain standard of award dependent on its final score.

BRONZE –  Allocated where applicant venues demonstrate the minimum level of compliance towards legal and best practice processes.

SILVER –  Allocated where applicant venues demonstrate a higher level of compliance towards legal and best practice processes and provide evidence of additional activity towards the key principals of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

GOLD – Allocated to the highest scoring venues in each category, which have demonstrated evidence of excellence in most areas.

OVERALL WINNER –  Allocated to the highest scoring venue in each category.

NATIONAL AWARDS – All overall award category winners are entered into the Best Bar None Scotland National Awards.

CONCLUSION – The Best Bar None Awards process is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to a Safer, Cleaner, Better Glasgow and receive recognition for your efforts to manage good venues in the licensed trade. Over the last few years the ‘Best Bar None’ scheme has identified well managed, responsible venues which use a range of best practice ideas to ensure the safety of customers and staff. You may wish to consider some of the ideas listed in this booklet for your venue. You may already employ some of these ideas or have alternative processes, which help with the management of your venue. During the inspection, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your own processes to the inspection teams.