Best Bar None Glasgow

BBN Licensing Conference 2019

Conference Theme

Past, Present, Future

Conference Objective

This year’s conference builds on the success of 2017 and will encourage delegates to share and promote good practice existing within the city’s licensed trade.  Guest speakers will share experiences / expertise on the theme of Past, Present, and Future.  Specifically the conference will provide the opportunity to :

  • Reflect on the past and understand the differences / context in which licensed premises operated in 10/20 years ago.
  • Discuss the current challenges to licensed premises in today’s economy / impact of the redesign to the public space e.g. The Avenues Project / legislation
  • Plan for the future to ensure the city centre remains a vibrant city offering a variety of employment opportunities in the hospitality industry / diverse choice of venues catering for a multi-cultural society

The conference will include workshops (TBC) and a networking lunch and marketplace event with a range of BBN Glasgow National Sponsors and key partners, trade professionals and producers who will offer delegates the opportunity to sample goods, pick up hints and tips and will showcase skills with some of the best hospitality industry demonstrations.